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> Google Partner & Upwork Top Rated Plus freelancer <

Hello Everyone!

It's Juan Pablo Cangas, Founder of Upcelleration.

You're here because you're struggling scaling your 6 or 7 figure Shopify store consistently.

You face challenges such as dwindling ROAS and slow sales when trying to scale advertising.

That's because you're relying excessively on "interruption-marketing" social media ads such as Facebook and Tiktok. Your ads last a few weeks (or days), then they fatigue, and you're back to square one.

And if you're attempting Google Ads, you're failing miserably too, because it's a completely different medium which you have no idea how to take advantage of. And hiring an agency hasn't helped either, because they charge an arm and a leg and do sub-par work (at best, at worst they completely waste your money).

SEO isn't helping either, because who has months or years to wait for results to kick in?

I know how you feel, because when I started my online marketing career 15 years ago, NOTHING was working consistently until I discovered the power of Google Ads.

I've helped dozens of businesses and entrepreneurs achieve consistent profits with Google Ads.

Now, I want to share my system with you.

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